Grimaces of pain become smiles of joy as we reach the top of Africa |  <i>Chloe Ryan</i> Group shot at the project site in the Annapurna region School group at Angkor Wat |  <i>John Nichol</i> Students at Machu Picchu, Peru |  <i>Drew Collins</i>

Our Youth Adventure Experts can help you tailor a school trip to your requirements & budget to allow every student an opportunity to grow through travel.

With us you can expect
 quality ground services, exceptional value, expert advice, unique itineraries and friendly service from the concept stage through to the day your school expedition returns home. All our Service Learning trips are designed with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals in mind.

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Students at Angkor Wat |  <i>John Nichol</i>

An unwavering commitment to safety, quality of experience and ensuring the best price for your school group are just some of the reasons why travelling with us is a smart decision.


Our philosophy towards safety, community, philanthropy and the environment is what helps set us apart from other school group & youth adventure travel providers. 



Cycling in Cambodia |  <i>Zach White</i>

Travel involves risks, many which can be easily managed. Every school receives a detailed Risk Management Plan - and all of them are above the regular industry standard. 





Price & Value Guarantee


Too often we see school group expeditions that are overpriced, which ultimately means some students will miss out on a potentially life changing experience.